Tailor Your Video Meetings to Capture What Counts

Unique in its class, DTEN Vue Pro is a set of professional 4K cameras cleverly designed to capture in-room participants at eye level.


Eye-to-Eye Connections, Anywhere in the Room

Unlike traditional PTZ cameras designed to capture an entire space with a single lens, DTEN Vue Pro operates multiple lenses simultaneously to capture every participant clearly and in crisp resolution.

DTEN Vue Pro’s 4K camera lens systems utilize advanced smart framing AI to identify and dynamically frame participants with crisp headshots, regardless of distance from the front of room system.


Unique Design for the Ideal Portrait View

The offset placement of the DTEN Vue Pro lenses is cleverly designed to capture participants head-on in common table arrangements where participants are seated perpendicular to the camera.

Additionally, DTEN Vue Pro delivers up to 160 degrees of camera coverage, free of common PTZ-camera related issues such as jerky camera movements and “fisheye” visual distortions of the picture plane.


Boost Meeting Equity for All Team Members, No Matter Where They Are

Whether your space is short, long, wide or narrow, DTEN Vue Pro works behind the scenes to tailor every camera view for natural, optimized video meeting experiences.


Natural Eye-to-Eye Conversations

DTEN Vue Pro enhances the D7X’s built-in center camera for greater versatility and more natural-feeling meeting experiences for both in-room and remote team members.

When combined with DTEN Smart Framing technology, the D7X Dual will identify, optimize and partition individual video frames for people in the room.

The resulting video stream provides more immersive same-room meeting experiences for all participants.


A Versatile System for a Range of Use Cases

Harness cutting-edge camera technology combined with advanced AI to dynamically adjust and optimize for every meeting, whether the room is long or short, narrow or wide.

Preserve image fidelity and clarity, whether participants are seated 7’, 14’ or 30’ from the camera.


Designed for the DTEN D7X Series

DTEN Vue Pro sets up in minutes by sliding into a secure socket mount on both sides of the D7X 55”/75” Windows Edition.

Once seated in place, the DTEN Vue Pro will calibrate to the room and is ready for use.

For earlier DTEN D7X models, DTEN Vue Pro includes an easy to install mounting bracket with alignment guide.