Professional Audio Systems

We provide a wide range of audio systems designed for your specific application. Some of the common applications are:

- Background music for F&B and lounges

- Public Address Systems

- Training, Seminar and Events Rooms

- Home Entertainment Systems


Training and Seminar Room Systems

Vocal transmission of the presenter or lecturer’s presentation is crucial for the information to be communicated well to the people within the room. It involves the right mix of mixers, amplifiers, speakers and microphone systems.

A wide rang of products is available to suit different conferencing or meeting needs, catering for both the basic budgetary requirement as well as the elaborate and high definition sound requirement of top management conferences.

Key considerations for Training & Seminar Rooms Audio Systems include:

  • Size and capacity of room
  • Type of audio source and content
  • Any microphone requirement
  • Integration with display system

No room is too big or too small for incorporation of an effective audio system. Contact our sales representatives to find out more.

Background Music Systems

Audio system plays an important role in the setup of each specific environment or venue. Sound and music brings out the life within the area breaking the awkward silence that dulls the interior design setting of the venue.

Background music systems are commonly deployed in shopping malls, showrooms, lobbies and even outdoors setting where there is regular human traffic.

Usually hidden away from plain sight or installed flush within walls and ceiling for better aesthetic appeal. Background music system can be designed to give user the flexibility to target a specific zone or to cover the entire floor area. It can also be designed to allow the user to control different source of music to be played in different individual zones.

Main considerations for background music systems should include:

  • Type and number of input sources
  • Area of coverage
  • Ceiling heights and restrictions
  • Indoor/ Outdoor
  • Audibility
  • Multiple usage (i.e. Live Band/ Events integration etc)

Background music systems are also used to double up as a broadcast or announcement system due to its wide coverage of the entire premise.

Contact us today for an on-site discussion on how we can help to incorporate the ideal background music system for your needs.

Public Address Systems

Communication and broadcast announcement in large compound or multi-level premises rely heavily on a reliable PA System. This particular series of audio system emphasized on delivering high vocal clarity projected by the speaker system.

There is a wide range of speakers to fit into any environment:

  • In-Ceiling speakers for indoor compounds, almost hidden from view and can offer good area coverage.
  • Directional speakers directed at a specific area, reducing the disturbance of the announcement to unrelated area.
  • Conceal garden speakers to allow the speaker to be hidden from sight located in outdoor settings.
  • Horn speakers for low maintenance and high projection of the voice used for large open area.

Integration with other local audio systems to allow priority of the main announcement over the small local systems, commonly used for emergency announcements are also not uncommon.

Home Entertainment Systems

1. Living Room Usage

Despite the economical prices of flat panel TVs today, prices of Flat Panel TVs in excess of 70” still remains relatively costly. Home owners are turning to FullHD projectors which can project at least 100” image at a fraction of the price of a similar sized TV.

These are ideal for playing movies, games and even contents from a personal computer. Despite the lower sharpness and contrast as compared to a regular TV, nothing beats the large screen experience.

2. Home Theatre Usage

It is a growing trend for people to build a Home Theatre System within their homes. With the demand of FullHD and 3D content on the rise, FullHD and even 4K High Definition Home Theatre projectors are finding their way into more and more homes.

Large theatre screens commands the overwhelming visual effect that no flat panel TV can offer. Complete with the right sound system, screen, player and content, home users are ready to bring the cinema experience right into their homes!

Contact us today for a showroom appointment to showcase the latest projectors and sound system for your home!

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