Integrated Control Systems

As our living and working environment engage the use of more and more technology, there is an ever growing problem of having too many different controls for the number of equipment within the same space.

Knowing how to operate on each control as well as keeping track of each remote has begun to cause anxiety amongst our regular users. Not to mentioned having to remember the functionality differences on the same type of device but from different manufacturers.

A control system can manage anything from lighting system, air-conditioning, motorised blinds & Curtains and Audio Visual Systems etc. Almost anything running on a motorised mechanism or comes with a LAN, RS-232 or IR control interface can be integrated onto a centralised control system.

An Integrated Control System holds the following advantages:

  • Customised user interface with user friendly functionality
  • Can be in keypad or touch panel user interface
  • Can work together with existing wireless network for integration of a wireless control interface
  • Allowing a single touch of a button that activate pre-set scenes without having to control each device individually

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