Projection System

One of the easiest ways of setting up a projector is none other than simply placing it on the table. Because of its simplicity, many users have overlooked basic understanding of what makes a good and effective desktop projector.

In general, there are 2 categories of desktop projectors:

1. Permanent Desktop

  • For larger meeting/ conference rooms
  • Brighter with more complex features and functions
  • Cost effective 2 in 1 solution (Sound and Video)
  • * Considered when there are installation limitations or in temporary setups

2. Portable Desktop

  • Light weight and compact
  • Easy to setup and dismantle
  • Short Throw distance flexibility for smaller rooms
  • Ability to power up and down quickly
  • * Considered for mobile presenters or organizations which practice sharing a common projector

This class of projectors are meant for meeting rooms or conference rooms which require a permanent projector for ease of connection and use. All calibrations are done during installation and the image is fitted and focused perfectly onto the screen ready for use anytime without the hassle of setting up.

A wide range of projectors with different features, functions and performance are readily available to meet all our clients’ requirement. Ceiling mounted projector setup is also commonly bundle with a variety of accessories to form a complete solution. (i.e. Wireless Presentation Solutions, Video Conferencing System, Speakers, Controllers and Media Players etc)

A on-site survey and discussion is strongly encouraged in order for our technical specialist to better understand the client’s requirement before we propose a suitable solution.

Motorized Projector Lifts

To better the aesthetics of interior design of modern conference rooms, clients might also opt for the use of projector lifts to conceal the projector above their false ceiling when not in use.

Projectors are taking a step above just projecting an image on the wall. Interactivity is the key to engaging the audience and getting them involved during the presentation hence optimizing the message that the presenter is trying to convey.

Giving the presenter an additional tool to make the presentation more lively as well as to get the audiences to be involved making way for endless possibilities of how you can present your contents to the targeted audience.

With the latest technology, you can now interactively project and share your contents to a remote location for 2-way interaction, wirelessly project and annotate, annotate directly and save Office Documents in its native format etc.

Interactive projectors are usually used together with a specialised projection board which allow users to use it as both a projection screen and a white board. Users' with flat hard walls may also choose to project the image directly on it but the image quality and touch sensitivity may be compromise depending on the condition of the wall.

Please contact our sales representative for an on-site demo

High powered projections are common in large venues like concert halls, auditoriums and outdoor projection screenings. This category of projection system requires detail site and ambient environment analysis coupled with the right engineering and design integration to achieve an ideal large screen projection.

Apart from the main projector, other accompanying accessories plays an important role to make the system perform to its expectations. Type of Throw Lens, Cables, Connectors, Screen, maintenance etc becomes a cause for consideration.

Professional advice followed by on-site demo will be rendered to our clients to help them better make informed decisions.

A Visualizer or sometimes known as Document Camera is an extension arm of a projection system. When the user has a physical document or object to be projected onto the screen, a visualizer can capture the document/ object and project through the projector directly, saving on the hassle of scanning of saving the contents into a computer before it can be projected.

There are generally 2 categories of visualizers:

1. Portable Digital Visualizer

  • Light-weight and compact
  • Quick and easy to setup

2. Station Digital Visualizer

  • High Resolution
  • Extensive Functions & Features
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Please contact our sales representative for detail discussion on your requirements.