Video Conferencing Systems

Communication plays a vital role for top organizations in conveying messages between different remote locations. High quality and reliable audio video communications is dependant on the right Video Conferencing System Solution.

The latest VC Systems deliver advance and flexible architecture for a wide range of applications and environment. High Definition audio and video quality ensures flawless streaming and communication yet with user friendly operation and interface.

Some key considerations of selecting a suitable VC System includes:

  • Size and coverage of your VC Room
  • Camera Resolution
  • Connection via ISDN or LAN or both
  • P2P or Multi-Sites Call
  • Single or Dual display
  • Microphone sensitivity and placement

We believe in first understanding each unique requirement of our customers before we offer the right solution. Should you have any requirement for (Page Topic), please do not hesitate to contact our sales representatives for a non-obligation on-site survey and discussion.

We can help you make informed decisions with the professional advice and recommendations from our team of AV Specialist, building the ideal solution to meet your specific needs.


Professional web based video conferencing cameras has come a long way since those days when we have a small web cams attached to the tip of our PC monitors. Web based camera solutions now offers the full suite of devices that can cater to the different setting and room sizes used for the VC session. They include complex functions like separate mic system, PTZ cameras, feedback/ echo cancellation and dual screen setups.

We carry a wide range of VC camera system that can fit most of the current setups that are used in huddle rooms, meeting rooms and even large conference/ boardrooms.

Do feel free to contact us for an on-site discussion and survey to allow us to better size your video conferencing needs.

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