CCTV Surveillance Systems

On top of the conventional Analogue CCTV System, digital or sometimes better known as Network CCTV System is gaining popularity due to the advancement in high speed internet infrastructures.

Real time, high definition monitoring giving users the flexibility of secure remote access even with just a mobile device. The ability of Pan, Tile and Zoom (PTZ) Cameras further enhance the surveillance capabilities and reducing the need for additional cameras in blind spots.

Motion sensors, IR and integration with alarm system are all part of a complex surveillance system that put the user at ease. The vast variety of functions and capabilities means that there is always a suitable CCTV System that can meet different needs.

Main considerations for an effective CCTV System includes:

  • Camera type and coverage
  • Camera resolution and clarity
  • Condition of the area (Indoor/ Outdoor/ Day/ Night/ etc)
  • Networkability and controllability
  • Storage capacity

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